As a senior designer at Gartner, I identified a crucial need for video animation and motion graphics within the team. To address this gap, I spearheaded a strategy aimed at scaling simple animations across the entire team. My approach involved creating and implementing branded templates, documenting processes, and providing hands-on coaching to enhance the team's skills. The outcome of this initiative was the establishment of a mini-animation studio within our team, dedicated to producing engaging animation videos and dynamic motion graphics, and resulting in a tenfold increase in our team’s video capabilities.
Opportunity: Leverage Animation and Motion  
My journey began by crafting an atmospheric looping GIF using Adobe Animate for a special project in collaboration with the marketing team. This small deliverable showcased capabilities and earned our team credibility to pursue further animation projects. 
Process: Prototype and Scale the Team
Subsequently, I pitched and prototyped the integration of the animation tool Vyond, developing a branded proof of concept that played a pivotal role in securing the necessary budget for its implementation. 
To create this prototype, I crafted a draft script and storyboard, recorded and edited a sample voiceover using my own voice, designed assets adhering to our brand guidelines, and created a shareable prototype through screen recording.
Once the animation strategy was approved, I collaborated with external teams to establish branded guidelines and processes that encompassed storytelling techniques, motion fundamentals, and considerations related to accessibility and diversity, equity, & inclusion.
Outcome: In-House Animation Studio
As a result, our team evolved into a dynamic animation studio, capable of producing animated videos, animating assets, and developing motion graphics for a diverse array of clients, and elevating our animation output from 1-2 videos annually to 20-30 videos created in-house.
Ultimately, this work led to a project in which I created a video about Gartner's sustainability efforts, through iterative development and in close collaboration with stakeholders. Notably, I enhanced this video with Generative AI voiceover, music, and deployed it with closed captions and mindful on-screen text. 
The project was not only successful within our organization but also contributed significantly to our company’s sustainability efforts, as it was launched company-wide with a compelling call to action.
Finally, I adapted this project into an interactive workshop for the global LXDCON conference. In my  presentation “Bring Learning to Life with Basic Animations,” I shared our journey and insights with designers from around the world, inspiring them to embrace the power of animations in their own creative endeavors.
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