As a Lead Designer at JetBlue Airways, I led a team of 14 designers and contractors through a year-long project to design and implement a cross-functional certification program for JetBlue Instructor/Evaluators. 
After a successful launch, the program became an FAA-certified JetBlue University flagship onboarding program for Instructor/Evaluators. 
The Problem 
JetBlue Airways was required to implement an Instructor/Evaluator certification program to maintain compliance or risk being faced with fines or program cancellation. 
The FAA mandated a strict timeline and launch date, and JetBlue needed a program that would be standardized to meet critical objectives for all learners, yet customized for each diverse workgroup with different specialized skills and needs, such a pilots, flight attendants, and dispatchers. 
The Process
I performed user interviews and facilitated Design Thinking sessions with users from diverse groups across the airline to create with an effective design strategy for a JetBlue Instructor/Evaluator certification program.
Over the course of a year, I led the development of a hybrid program, with role-based customized eLearning, cross-functional classroom collaboration, and customized small group sessions for hands-on practice. 
To create the centralized program, we created the design systems, templates and technical architecture, including holistic courses and assessments, and provided standardized guidance for breakout opportunities in which the subject matter experts could deliver their own technical content. 
The Outcome
During the pilot launch, I presented all content in a mock setting, facilitated an ongoing Q&A, and worked with our designers to edit "on the fly". The following week our instructors presented the content themselves, and then we handed off the content for them to operationalize. 
As a result of this successful launch, The FAA certified our program, and it has been implemented as a flagship onboarding program at JetBlue Airway's JetBlue University.
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